Paqocha Alpaca have facilitated the export of three groups of alpacas to Scandinavia since 2010, selecting breeding stock from the best of NZ's huacaya and suri herds. New Zealand breeders can offer some of the most highly regarded genetics in the world at very competetive prices. After selection, we organise the delivery to the quarantine facility and keep in close contact with the purchasers until the animals safely arrive in their new home.

Because of New Zealands high bio-security standards and a unique export protocol agreement with the EU, New Zealand offers distinct advantages over importing from Australia. You can be enjoying your alpacas as fast as 8 weeks from the time the animals are purchased. All exports from Australia are required to be domiciled in NZ for six months prior to continuing further, adding considerable cost.

We welcome your enquires for export, whether it is for a single special alpaca or a hand picked group selected especially to meet your requirements. Small numbers can join a scheduled export but we can also arrange a single crate (12-13) tailored to your needs.







Paqocha Alpaca can offer you so much more than just an alpaca. Our customers can access our many years of expertise and experience while we will endevour to help in any way we can, We can guarantee expertise, service and post purchase support equal to none.

Questions or just “paca chat”, we are available for advice to put your mind at ease. We can also help you with husbandry tasks such as vaccinations, ear tagging or halter training




We appreciate the commitment and large financial investment a breeder is facing when deciding on a new animal purchase. Selecting stud males and making the right breeding choices can be equally as difficult. To make things as easy and stress free as possible, we pride ourselves in providing the following guarantee for our New Zealand clients.



All our alpacas are registered with the International Alpaca Registry (IAR).

Our breeding females are either sold pregnant or with a guaranteed mating.

The males generally come as wethers (castrated males) or with the understanding that they will not be used for breeding and castrated at a later stage (we reserve the right to withhold the registration papers until proof of castration).

All our animals come fully vaccinated and with an up to date Health Check, guaranteeing a healthy animal at the time of purchase.

Our females also come with a Veterinary Health Certificate for peace of mind and insurance purposes.

Alpacas are herd animals and we are concerned about their future well being, hence we do not allow purchase of single animals unless they go to an existing herd.



Each service to our stud males is backed by our extended live birth plus 7 guarantee. In the unlikely event of a pregnancy not resulting in a live birth or should the cria not survive the first week of life, you are entitled to a free return service to the male. All we may ask is that you cover the costs of transport of the female and that the mating take place on our farm.



When you purchase a female from us you are entitled to a 50% discount on all future matings for that particular female to one of our herd sires.


*Guarantee and bonus are only valid while the female stays in your ownership and can not be transferred.


Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand

eMail: alpaca@paqocha.co.nz ............... telephone: 64 3 441 2442